Friday, November 15, 2019

LearnPianoIn30Days Review – Is it possible?

Price: 14 day trial membership for $1, Full membership $27 per month
Platforms: Works with both Windows and Mac.
Pros – Lessons are one of the most comprehensive around covering many important concepts which gets you playing in the claimed 30 days.
Cons – Video quality is not as good as others I’ve reviewed. Not MIDI compatible.

Its not a myth!

LearnPianoIn30Days  is a 30-day online piano lessons program instructed by singer and songwriter, Rachel James.  The lesson program is designed to be comprehensive and engaging, claiming to get anyone playing songs on the piano within 30 days.  The lessons are delivered online via a membership giving access to video tutorials and relevant materials needed to succeed.
So… is it possible…?
In short, yes! With this program you can learn and play within 30 days but it takes dedication, time and a decent effort.


This is predominantly a video based training package whereby users log on and work their way through video tutorials with the end game being able to play a popular piano piece on their own after just 30 days. The lessons are devised into a 30 day program and after this you can continue your journey to becoming an intermediate or advanced player.  It is a complete package, so don’t think that after 30 days there is nothing more to be learned.
Apart from video tutorials LearnPianoIn30Days also provides printable sheet music for a large library of songs covering all genres of music from Jazz to pop.  This is something you’ll be itching to use when you’ve finished learning how to sight read with this program.


My first impressions were of how warm and friendly the lessons come across and the fact that Rachel really understands peoples reasons for wanting to learn piano.  She gives a real modern spin on what can be an otherwise boring journey.  She captures this opinion in her introductory video (above), the reasons man of us want to learn piano.
When i started the course i found the lessons to flow nicely and weren’t too long, each video lasts around 10 minutes keeping you engaged and wanting to move on to the next.  I did find that the first few videosweren’t of a good a quality as the others for some reason and this is something reported by other customers.  The hands were not clear on the keys due to lighting making it difficult to follow.  When i worked past this though it was really wasn’t a big deal at all.


The videos are accessed through a members section of the website and is easy to navigate.  The videos are well categorised and all work without a glitch.  You won’t feel overwhelmed and can easy pick up where you left off due to the way the course is set.  Playing the actual videos is just as easy as watching videos on YouTube.  If you know how to press play, pause, rewind… then you’re good to go!
The homepage is beautifully laid out and elegant.  A really eye catching and simple to navigate display.


The lessons

The lessons are very comprehensive and covers in depth every important detail about the piano, but surprisingly in an engaging way.  You probably cover more in these videos than other programs but without even realising it.  Rachel does a very good job at delivering the lessons.
The first couple of videos covers many of the key concepts I feel are important to succeed as a piano player, including numbering of the fingers, learning the musical alphabet, the notes and their corresponding keys. Lessons on theory, such as the staff, notes values and rests, come later on in days four, seven and eight in the lesson plan.

Thesong choices

LearnPianoIn30Days has a vast repertoire of HUNDREDS of the most popular songs people actually know (and prefer to listen to) these days (kids and teenagers especially).  Songs from Alicia Keys, to Coldplay, to Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, and many more.  New songs are added each month as you remain a member.
The list is impressive and although the tutorials themselves are not MIDI compatible, some come with MIDI files so you can use them with devices such as The Piano Maestro  to aid your training.


Helpand support

Help and support is obtained through support and helpdesk buttons on the website or via a ‘contact us’ link at the bottom one the webpage which takes you to support options such as FAQ’s and an email forum.


In summary, LearnPianoIn30Days provides a good all  round base for learning piano for beginners and advanced lessons for stronger players.  I was very impressed by the song library and how modern the list is which will appeal to a great deal of the people wishing to learn online.  I like the pace of the lessons and the amount of information.
The website could do with some work as sometimes the help and support buttons would not work and the forum kept displaying an error message.  however, this aside, there were no issues with the actual lessons themselves so i had no need to contact support.  With some self motivation, you will benefit from taking piano lessons from

Thank you for taking the time to read this review, i hope its been useful.

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